Senate race has national echoes

Senate race has national echoes

Yep, a total lack of good coverage in the press.

I have a note for y'all, according to the Seattle PI "Federal campaign finance reports filed by the two camps Thursday showed that McGavick had $2.78 million in the bank on Aug. 31 compared with CantwellÂ’s $5.13 million."

One more article for the books, a 'follow the money not the issues' type of safe local reporting of the campaigns.

I wanted to nail the point in that media coverage across the nation is lacking in substance and heavy on cash and partisan (our side not yours regardless of voting record) opinion.

'Why is this relevant' you ask (if you have not already left for the next blog)?


There are important issues that are being ignored in the media and it kinda bugs me. Article after article on how much money these guys have. Ignoring or marginalizing the dissenting voice into a safe little paragraph at the end of each article.

Yourememberr why the Bush tax cuts were causing such a stir? Because they mostly benefit the rich. This is exactly the same issue I have with media coverage of the big (and small) races. No pulp, little substance, all bun, no meat (or veggies for that matter).

For example, Cantwell cast a key vote putting a conservative justice on the U.S. Supreme Court putting Roe v Wade in check 'mate'.

How does that make you feel about her bumper sticker on your car?

She voted for the war in Iraq, the unconstitutional Patriot act, Homeland Security, and the list goes on and on.

In fact, too much of her vote aligns with the Bush campaign for me to be comfortable voting for her. And too much to make me fool myself into feeling like I am voting for a Democrat.

This is why I am glad that Bruce Guthrie is on the ballot.

I have a candidate that is opposed to the war.

But this guy is not a one note wonder, he supports a socially tolerant fiscally responsible District of Columbia.

Bruce supports marriage equality, balancing the budget, keeping our promise to seniors and our veterans (social security and veteran benefits actually mean something to this candidate. They are NOT things to borrow against to pay for more war), medical freedom, to name a few.

Sorry to be a wet blanket, but I am tired of the promise by a Democrat that, when in office, delivers me the Bush agenda. I will not be guilt tripped into voting for Cantwell (D) because 'she has lots of money and is likely to win'.

I am glad to say I have a candidate that supports the poor in healthcare and education and asks the rich and able to figure it out ontheirr own. He supports bringing our troops home from Iraq AND from many other countries in the world.

I had to work hard with others to get him on the ballot, but it was worth it.

I have a choice and I am going to make it and feel good about where my vote goes.

I hope come November you can feel the same way.

Good luck Bruce, Washington, America, planet Earth



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