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I was listening to NPR on Friday as I often do on a break from my nonstop three weeks of KEXP 90.3 when there was an interesting point of one of the interviews.

The guest on the 'panel' stated, when asked about voting independent in the upcoming Senatorial race, that to do so would "help the opposition get into office"

I'm sorry. I am tired of being guilt tripped into voting for a candidate that never feels the heat from the people.

Our (D) Senator has voted for the war EVERY TIME. Voted for the patriot act (you know the one with the domestic phone taps and other unconstitutional actions in it), voted for big business subsidies, and also was a key vote on putting a conservative Justice on the Supreme Court (putting Roe v Wade on notice BTW).

I am talking about Cantwell and I am sorry, but could someone explain how a hawkish Senator is not the opposition?

A Senator who has hardly improved things for WA (or introduced legislation to improve things for the suffering American economy/civil rights).

Senator Cantwell embodies the 'opposition'?

If we are not defending America I will NOT vote for war. Nor will I vote for a person who does.

I support our troops. This is why I want them to return to America instead of being wasted on a war with diminishing evidence for justification.

Which is why I feel good about supporting and voting for

At the very least the troops should move on from Iraq and search for any actual remaining terrorists from the actual attack on American soil.

It's funny how the word soil and soul are so close.

We are rapidly losing ground on both fronts if we follow the 'kill now and ask questions later' approach to foreign policy. I was not the first to say live by the sword die by the sword, but I will repeat it here.

Live by the war machine, and you will die in it.

Perhaps those in charge of things saw no hope for America without the occasional war to refresh the machine.

I dare say we will be destroyed from within if we keep moving away from a more organic and community type of life.

Stop lending so much power to a centralized force of corruptible unchecked power mongers. Stop being amazed when they give scraps off the table back in return if they (like a bad neighbour) give anything back at all.

Peace within,



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