When it Rains. . .


What is it called when you have a bunch of really good news (G) mixed with a bunch of really bad news (B)?

G- We put our Saturn (photo attached) onto www.craigslist.com and within 18 hours the car was sold. (we will miss that car!)

B- Two days later the tranny goes out in our last legal, running car.

G- I get word I might get a raise at work!!!

B- I have to go to court over a stupid ticket for entering the freeway in a carpool lane when I was alone (I swear there are no diamond signs, I will put photos up to prove it).

G- Deborah!!!

B- G. W.

G- This weekend is Pridefest (I have spent hours in the past few weeks debating. . . nay yelling. . . nay chatting about gay marriage with a few who disagree with it).

B/G- This weekend is Pridefest (I will be there booth days at the both asking people to think before they vote, and to sign the Guthrie for Senate petition. It will be at the Seattle Center, for those of you happy enough to COME OUT and see the show!).

G- Liam.

B- Shelswick is still in Candadnanda

G- Rich is here.

So as you can see, life has many ups and downs at the moment.

OH, I need to workout more so I will be walking home from Northgate each day. So wave and yell encouraging words as you drive by.



Christian said…
Mowrer(?) and I will probably start up the swimming thang soon if you'd like to join us...Well ok I shouldn't speak for Mowrer. But without him it'll be hard to drag my sorry trunks to the pool...Or maybe you'd like to join me for shotput workouts;) Stand and throw, walk 40' to pick up the iron lump, walk back, repeat.

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