To All

To All

it's like when we were kids
we played in the park
rich soil underfoot
flowers grew nearbye
we laughed at the silliest things

our ignorance was truly blissful,
and at the time it was harmless

our worlds have taken a turn
sometimes away from each other
sometimes head on

we grew opinions
where our sense of humour used to be

we grew force
where trust used to dwell

we grew an army
to combat the growing fear

we grew a machine
to make life happen by remote control

we adopted policies
to keep the foster children out of sight, out of mind

The return to self and community is never assured
when mandates repalce common sense

the tide will ever turn
the waves will ever crash
the winds will ever blow
the stars will ever shine

the tribe will ever disperse

but the kindred,
regardless of race, creed, tribe, or colour of skin
will always be connected

at the soul

Scott L~


AAM said…
This is nice, I like it.
Anonymous said…
Nice poem. Generally nice blog so far (coulda done without wall pics; didn't realize how many were so "adult.")

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