open letter to a lanlord

I just got the letter from our landlord that she is planning on raising the rent again.

um. . . shit.

You know, just as we get happy and secure about a new job and My wife and son both going to schools to make our lives better, we get this news.

I have to say something political. For a 'blue' state with socialist ideals like state run healthcare and welfare and medicare and help for the poor I have a question. When it comes time to sell a house, car, or anything why do we find only hardcore, well trained, cut throat, red coat capitalists?

That John Kerry sticker on your bumper does not keep you from pushing the seattle working class from moving out to woodinville. Don't worry, they can take the bus system you made for them (with three transfers) to and from work.

My son has school starting soon, and that will be costing us a couple hundred bucks a month (a public school with a small fee? fine!). My wife is gearing up for college and that will not be cheap. Those last few bills fluttering around our house are now going to be sucked up by a landlord.

A landlord that has neglected to clean the piss and trash in the stairwell for years. A londlord that hires help to do the yardwork seemingly only when people complain. A landlord who hires cleaners at the cheapest rate then hires better ones to come clean up after the lousy ones (costing more than just hiring the good ones in the first place).

So now the last bills fluttering around my house, the ones I would have used to buy my wife flowers, the ones I would have used to take my son swimming, the ones I could have used to take my small family of three out for a nice meal once in awhile is now going into the large back pockets of the landlord.

What am I supposed to say about this. . . ?

Have a nice day?



shellswick said…
I am so sorry...jerks.

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