The Federal Pie Chart

The site here shows the billions of dollars we are spending on the war and on 'other' as it is taken via the income tax.

Regardless of how you cut the take, it seems like the endless flow of dough into the DC think tank keeps going to things that defy the simple task this government was designed to perform.

It is here to prevent injustice by protecting our rights, not be the source of injustice by taxing Peter to slay Paul.

We need more dialogue on these subjects. Right now the environment is getting pretty hostile, even for peaceful protesting.

But it is the initiation of force that got us into this mess, and as the wise Einstien stated, "You can not get out of a problem using the same mentality that got you into it".

Time for a new approach.

Time for a smaller federal pie chart and a larger local slice.

In New Orleans, imagine if the state/city could have kept the money home and not waited for some strong representative in DC to bring some of it back home. We need the levy keeping our money in DC to break and return it to us in each respective state.

Local power is the answer.

An ever increasing central power suction cup is the problem.


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