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Speaking of film production -

Film Writing: A lesson in cookie cutter paper cuts.

If you have a film production business, and you want to succeed, you create the environ where each person involved in the production process is allowed to make the finished project as brilliant and wonderful as it can be. . . right?

This is obviously, not the case. Of course, often great ideas arise on the set, but there is as much control over the creative content of many films as there is control over what music gets played on commercial radio.

Sorry to break it to you folks, but the great majority of music radio stations in America do NOT allow the Dj to choose the music they play (which is why I listen to www.kexp.org ). Even the 'all request hour' is a stretch sometimes.

But if you walk to any local video rental shop and observe the list of new releases you will find a few factors common each week.

Many films are made to follow a recipe. As in, it made us money to do a buddy film in the past, so here it is again. Or the obligatory, animated kid show for the sake of an animated kid show.

Someone, somewhere, sat and wrote the script for these vehicles. And I'm glad someone had the job. But they did not control the overall recipe. Just as popular music is often based on recipe (three parts ooh ooh ooh) and not originality.

Taste is a fading art. We tolerate without as much discretion as we once did (or perhaps as much as we should). And this is a bad sign lending cred to the devo school of thought.

Imagine if every peacock generation used blander and smaller feathers. Just to save money on production.

It would be in line with the lack of originality in many streams of film production.

Luckily there are brilliant authors, actors, directors, etc that keep the art vivid and amazing. But it does not remove the sting of the unimaginative film on the shelf.

But such is life.

As far as the low quality films on the street, someone, somewhere watches these things. Maybe it is a rogue network of secret shoppers that keep these films off the shelf on accident.

I can only hope that is the case, for the sake of the kids sitting down and watching the two hour film adaptation of the already brain dead tv character made famous by being on a channel that kids watch.

It is like success is as much coincidence in that case than actual art or craft.

But I digress.

Watch what you like.

I mean that last line two ways.

Be brilliant,

Scott ~


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