Don't Panic


It happened.

I was at work, kicking ass as usual, AND taking names.

And I made a mistake,

I was returning from the port from a failed attempt to ship a used car off to Hawaii when it happened.

Now usually the slow granny drivers that like to hold their hands at eleven and one on the steering wheel and drive like they are sitting on a park bench don't bug me.

But for some odd reason, yesterday, the few dozen going north on 99 got to me.

SO what did I do. . . when the window came for me to break out of that cluster of cars and boats, I did so.

Now, I have been driving for car company x for about six years. I usually have large lettering telling the fellow drivers which dealership I am from (this is to advert for the dealership and I swear to reduce the urge to speed or drive like a maniac). Behaving well behind the wheel is pretty much second nature for me.

Which does not mean I don't exceed the speed limit now and then. But it does mean that I don't roll vans, get tickets, and offend fellow drivers.

So I break out from the soon to be REALLY retired and I accelerate.

See where this is going?

I didn't.

So I get up to the legal speed, then I rise above it (gee, I make it sound so easy) then I am cruising along with the rest of the higher speed crowd.

Ticket worthy, maybe.

Write up and get in trouble at work worthy, maybe.

A person in the crowd of cars (I do not know from which driving cluster the call came from, the grannies or the regular [albiet illegal] drivers), called the dealership and told them that someone was hot rodding on the road with two cars.

Of course, you could say I was, and I take full responsibility for my actions. I did not get pulled over or even asked by management what happened.

When we got to the shop, the manager called us up to sit and sweat in the back office for awhile and then he came in and notified me and the other driver that we were terminated effective immediatley.

SO now I sit here, the day after, looking for ads online for a job.

True, I feel like an idiot for driving the way I did, but after so many years I would hope to have earned a 'write up' or reprimand for the type of action and not immediate termination.

But that is over now.

Time to move on to other things.

Wish me luck.


AAM said…
If theres anything we can do, PLEEEEASE ask. We are rooting for you!
Richmond said…
Man, that ain't right. Sorry to hear about it.

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