The only sure thing in life is. . .

I covered for two guys this week at work. They were on vacation and so one of my bosses asked me to help out. In my years at the dealership, I have learned multiple tasks, and have been called to do them on occasion.

The plus side is the job security and the occasional raise, the downside is that every few weeks I get called in to work at 6:00 am for a week or two. Or to drive shuttle every Tuesday and Thursday for four months.

I have to admit, the part I like best at my job is driving shuttle. Driving around the city in a nice clean VW E-van, meeting new people (and observing their manners/personality), and listening to KEXP is a pretty nice way to spend the day.

The only better thing would be paid to hang out with my family.

Some people ask me while I'm driving them around, "Doesn't the traffic bother you?".

To which I reply, "No. I'm on the clock, so my only time concerns are to get you to where you need to be."

I have also made friends from shuttle rides too, so I would be a fool to complain.

Two weeks from now I'll be standing outside the dealership talking to people as I sign them up for loaner cars. The difference here is that they JUST spoke to the advisor inside and any possible anger over their car usually pours out in the first five minutes.

When I'm done getting them taken care of, I turn up the volume on my little portable radio and listen to a familiar radio station.

The only sure thing in life is. . .

that life is what you make it, by intent, or default.


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