Jon Stewart -

Thursday, August 18, 2005 Months ago officials set August 15th as the due date for the country's new constitution and, as of August 11th, President Bush remained optimistic. [clip of Bush: 'I'm operating under the assumption that it will be agreed upon by August 15th.'] Well guess what? The assumption that the president was operating on was wrong -- bringing the number of false assumptions we were operating under to -- let's see: 1. Iraq has WMDs. 2. We'll be greeted as liberators. 3. No insurgency. 4. All q's followed by u's. 5. Oil revenue will pay for war. ... 19,021. Iraqi army training on schedule. 19,022. Hummus left out won't spoil. 19,023. Not everything explodes. 19,024. Constitution by August 15th. ... Is there a [mistake] they can't make seem like it was their intention all along?
— Jon Stewart, The Daily Show


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