Not this time. . .


I can honestly say I tried, but I did not collect enough signatures to get on the ballot to run for King County Council.

I am soo grateful for those of you that helped out and signed the petition. It was an amazing experience, just to say the least.

In life, if you do not like the way things are done, you can work to change them, or just swallow.

I have been, with a segment of my spare time, active in the cause of Liberty.

On the local level, I have worked with campaigns that are in line with making things more efficient and keeping the law focused on what the law should be focused on, preventing injustice, not causing it.

Now I realize we ALL have grand ideas of how the world should be.

I simply believe in a world where I am protected from you forcing your great ideas on me and you are protected from me doing the same to you.

Each political party thinks it has the best plan (as does each person).

I simply want to decide for myself what is best.

I don't want George Bush deciding what my son learns in school.

I don't want my environment to be polluted the way it is.

I don't want the state that can't prioritize it's prison system to choose how I live my life, so long as my actions do not violate others.

Many people say we need a strong central government because "people are stupid'. If people are too stupid, why should I vote for a group of them to make choices for me?

In closing, I do not know if I will ever run for office again. . . but I will always keep learning about this amazing world we live in, and I will continue to trust YOU to handle YOUR great ideas.

I might even like your ideas.

You might even like mine.


Richmond said…
Sorry to hear it, boss. You will always have my support in any similar endeavour.

And someday I hope to move back to seattle so that'll mean something :)
AAM said…
Likewise here!!! This was just a trial run. You've got time to plan for the next election!!!
Anonymous said…
It is too bad that this didn't work out, but there is a positive side. You and I have a heck of a lot we can do to get the local LP organization into shape and ready to take on the future with greater ease. Plus, this will leave more time for our show.

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