We have the science to have energy for practically nothing.
We have the science to make cars that get around 60-70 MPG, or better yet use no petrolium.
We have the science to cleanly produce many of the products we consume today.
We have the science to improve insulation in homes and business structures.

Just as I am a firm believer in a hands off economic policy for our government does NOT mean I want everything to be in the hands of profit marginalized corporations.

I want the almost free energy to be almost free. Not spendy, just because the market will bear it. Don't confuse my Libertarian philosophy with the current conservative bent that takes every cent from every angle that it can.

I am for free markets.

I am for keeping the cost of products down. (just not by law)

I, am for the little guy. . . vote for me!!!


If you run, you've got my vote and Angie's. Go Scott Go!

I was reading something yesterday about people who have hacked their Toyota Prius so they can plug it in overnight to charge, increasing their MPG to 100 or more.

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