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My letter to the editor was recently published in the 'King County Journal'.

It is about social security. I might add that I am not a fan of the Bush plan to 'handle' social security. There are better ways to fix this than the way he seems to be going. Borrowing a trillion dollars to shore up the system is NOT the answer.

Bush seems to think the answer to any problem is to just ask for more money. Sad thing is, he has a group of our 'representatives' that keep handing him the credit card. It is, of course, an unlimited platinum card because it is sooo easy to just tax us more to pay for whatever whims they have this term. (I say it is easy because so many keep getting re-elected, no matter what amount of your money they spend)

Here is the letter,

To put it into context, I was responding to someone who said the influences currently working against the social security system are among other bad imports like Communism.

(Also, the letter I wrote and the one they published were just a little different)


Consider an idea's merits

Regarding a recent letter about foreign influences, it is of no relevance where an idea comes from. Like a person, a philosophy should be considered and judged on its own merits.

The writer addressed the importation of Marxist communism as one that came to subvert America. Its planks involve centralizing power in the hands of the government and thereby absorbing the power of the individual.

The writer seems to forget that it was a free market (where the market dictates cost, not government) that communism held as most vile, and that the American system was intended to be a free-market system.

In fact, government-run retirement accounts easily qualify as a communist (centralized power) activity and not an free-market (private choice/responsibility) activity. Phasing out of Social Security is a return to the American idea of individual liberty and responsibility.

Scott Lindsley

King County chair, Libertarian Party of King County


Well spoken as always Scott! You rock!
Scott said…
Thanks Chris!!!

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