How great is it that These Blogs are designed to be surfed?

Follow these instructions and you will have soo much fun.

Move your cute little mouse to a blog site that has [next blog] at the top (like mine).

Most do, at this point. Then. . . drum roll. . . .


You will find yourself on a newly updated blog.

Skim through and see if there is anything of interest. If so, comment on it, share it with close personal loved ones, or link it to your blog (If you have one).

Then, when you have explored this new blog till you can take no more. . .

Click the [next blog] button on the NEW blog. and ZING, you are on your way to the next blog on the list.

This is great fun and allows you to see what others are doing with their blogs across the globe.

--- just note, if there is no [next blog] button at the top, click (back) to the last blog you were at, then hit [next blog] again and a new blog should have already been loaded in the chamber for you.

Have fun blogsurfing.



Anonymous said…
Hey Scott, Jon Airheart here. How the hell are you? I'm doing fantastic. Just chillin' and enjoying life in Texas once again. I wanted to highly recommend that you check a show out coming to Seattle really soon. They're called Death From Above 1979 and they're a 2 man band in which the drummer sings and the other dude plays bass. They are not necessarily metal but they fucking rock! It's a good foot-stomping time to be had by all. Thursday March 31, 2005 - SEATTLE WA - NEUMOS

Shoot me an email sometime at

Take care buddy,
Scott said…
SOunds great. . only thing is, I will be at a Libertarian meeting that night. But perhaps it will end in time to go. Neumo's is a pretty tight spot.

Glad you're well, I am plugging away at this thing and looking to break new ground here in King County.

I hope to see you soon. Any plans to come to Washington/Oregon? (Perhaps to see Floater play?)
Scott said…
ANd Jon,

if you know these guys, have them send a press kit or demo to

Da station for music and not commercials.
Dj's choose the tunes, not computers, and the music is archived for two weeks on the net.

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