John J. Miller on Music on National Review Online

John J. Miller on Music on National Review Online

I have read a few opinions about this article, and it is odd how both sides are claiming art for their political ideals. I liken it to wrapping yourself in the flag and then behind the stars and stripes flipping off, no screwing the nation.

By 'both sides' I mean the two major political party type.

I would love to claim most of these songs as ringing true to the libertarian point of view than either dem or repub (leave me be, keep your laws off my body, and gripes about bad leadership etc.). But I would also like to claim the Mona Lisa and two of the terracotta pedestal krater's in the Louvre.

Neither party has ended the war on drugs (and medical freedom), the war on Iraq and it's axis of eeevil, the failed wars on poverty, education, etc.. Both sides have been at the helm for the ever encroaching violation of human rights at home AND for the ever increasing size of the already bloated, fiscally irresponsible, largest polluting body on the planet.

So the dems could 'balance' a budget better than the recent (r)'s That does not come close to defining the system they espouse as what TIG commentator igDana quoted 'liberalism to mean - "[it] is a. . . political tradition which holds that liberty is the primary political value."

Though I agree with most of igDana's comments about the music list I hate to say it but with rare exception the only 'liberties' the two party system recognize are the ones that are popular, the ones that keep them elected.

It is ironic that the rights the two parties are each 'fighting to keep' are only being restrained by their contentious counterpoint. If you two could just stop bickering and STOP using the law to enforce your narrow view of important rights the nation would be much better off.

Less than ten percent of the nations representatives in DC understand rights to mean more than what is popular and in the headlines this week.

I just made up that figure, it is probable closer to two percent.

And the nation just keeps singin along to that sad, sad tune.



ps- I don't care if we have an (R), (D), or (L) in office. I just want a socially tolerant and fiscally responsible government. (and no bid contracts that halliburton got were not 'free market' events, but the controlled polar opposite. Claiming that because some responsibility exempt corporation * got away with murder it is a 'free market event' would be the same as saying the murder of tens of millions in Russia under communist rule was for 'social contract for the common good'.

* who created that idiocracy anyway???

pss- at the kitsap pridefest (yes I get around sistah!!!) a guy (D) was debating how gay marriage should be protected but polygamy should not. Sorry sister, the only time the government should step in with the law regarding marriage is when underage humans are involved.


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