today we were talking about female baby names and. . .

Me, "I like the name Ruby Jane. . ."
Deb, "How about Sophie Mei???"
[Liam enters the room and sits at the coffee table with us.
He is playing with a lego in water amazed at how it looks larger in the cup.]
Me, "Yeah, that's a beautiful name. Liam, what do you think is a good name for a baby girl?"
Liam, (without looking up at all and without missing a beat) "Mom is a good name."


shellswick said…
Why were talking about that?!?!?!?!?
Richmond said…
Guys, is there something you'd like to announce?
Scott said…
No reason, and no comment, and no we are not prego!!! Sheesh, can't we talk about girls names, paint the spare bedroom pink, buy cute little pink socks and little oneseys and stuffy wuffy without the whole fuggin world thinking we're popping another baby??????
shellswick said…
I am flattered that our Duo is your whole fuggin world hehe

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