seven great days

Okay. I am still recovering from the weekend of the LPWA Con- and what a three days it was. I spent several hours with M Carling and Dave Rupprecht and we had some amazing conversations. But most of all I enjoyed meeting other people who were not just interested in libertarianism so they can smoke pot or get a hooker.

Rather I met a large number of people who really just want our government to be socially tolerant and fiscally responsible.

I think those are the two things that any future politician should drill into thier platform.

Social tolerance - Freedom for consenting adults to be consenting adults (or my 'just cause you don't like it does not mean it should be illegal' philosophy).


Fiscal responsibility - Spending only what money you really have, and only taking the money to do the things that we the people allow the government to act on our behalf (this includes transparency and accountability in my book). This also means that the governmetn can NOT act on behalf of the people if it is not something we the people do not have the right to engage in in the first place.

This does not mean that the people will be forced to be tolerant, but that the government will be that way.


I am prepping for the week ahead. A new job, and soon a new vehicle (once we get these others in good enough shape to sell) are on the agenda.

I will be busing it for this new job, so if anyone has any metro bus do's and don't's (is that really how you spell 'don't's'??? Looks wierd), please share.

Best wishes,


shellswick said…
Don't make eye contact with anything immortal, it attracts their attention

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