Deborah Davis

I got an e-mail that had, what I thought to be, an offensive subject line.

It said '- The Rosa Parks of the Patriot Act generation?'

And I was amazed that such a connection could be made. Having not read the story and having no idea what they were addressing I was just stunned.

Then I went to the site, to complain or comment, and I was stunned.

Now, I still feel the use of Rosa's name was extreme, but the parallels are amazing. She's on a bus, and refuses the power that said 'jump'.

We are fighting the war on American resistance pacifists.

Who will win?

In which corner do you stand, sit, run? And why?


AAM said…
holy crap! this is absurd!
Anonymous said…
'If your papers are in ordr you can go!'

Sound familiar?

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