Sir, your ozone seems to be depleted.

Working on Cap-Hill exposes me to all types of characters that I had never really seen before (and I rent a LOT of movies).

I am glad to see the variety though, one minute it's some guy talking to the wall about the impending visit of darth vader, then it's the hot chicks in fancy digs, then it's the college crowd with the newest style clothes.

But most of all, there are a lot of people down there that just do what they wish, and I see two sides to that.

There are the stories about the ugly things that happen on the hill that are too ugly for this page, and then there are people who live happily ever after thier whole lofe on the same strip of land.

So the time working there has been. . . enlightening.

But one thing I have to say about people in general is this,

If you go through life thinking that everyone is a fricking idiot, you'll probably be sorely disappointed. And you'll probably never really see how great some of the people around you really are. . . you frickin idiot.


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