Almost Noble

It does no good to obsess about the things I almost did, or wanted to do. I almost got a job here or there or almost went to Ireland or whatever. In life our actions speak louder than our wants or needs (Though they are often inspired by the wants and needs).

What value is there in saying, 'I almost won the lottery about a dozen times.'? None, but is there a value in the, 'I almost got hit by a bus.'?, 'I almost spoke up to a bully'?, 'I almost told you how I feel about you'?

Our convictions and our desires often wake us up in the morning, but they don't always hold the magnetic pull of a pillow or a deviation from the route we charted years ago.

What hope is there for humanity if each step we take is guided by the lowest common denominator. That is not, and should not be defended as, civilization.

Greed, fun, money, self indulgence, power, privacy [and transeversely the desire to intrude on how others choose to live], are just a few of the items on the list of vices used to justify pollution, authoritarian expansion of political power, imperialism, socialism, capitalism.

The abandon of human rights, in the pursuit of any of the above, is the constant part of the equation that jumps first to the denial bin of progress.

I affirm that I will not initiate force to achieve political or social ends.

I will not abandon your rights to satisfy my implementing a 'great idea'.

I will not disrupt your flow and self determination to keep another from being offended at the colour of your hair or content of your pipe (so long as you are not smoking it on another's property).

Would you affirm such a thing?

Is this a line in the sand for good government?

The path of least resistance often leads right to the abuse of those not on our lane.

The answer is communication and respect for others rights regardless of how wrong you think they may be. If they act in a way that does not violate another's rights, then they should have no hindrance from the government. A greed?


Klem said…
All very "Almost Noble", but do you practise what you preach? If YES- Bravo! If NO-Why not?
Scott said…
I do live within my beliefs. Which does not mean I am perfect, but I donate my time and my money to the causes I believe in.

I give of myself whatever I have to give.

I work to provide for my family, and I won't work where I have to cheat people in order to survive.

I use my beliefs as my guide, and the main areas I fall short are the ones that invoilve my art. Writing and music have actually suffered because I have had a year of financial transition.

But I am coming out of that instability now and am glad to be one stable ground again.

True to form, I have written new songs (I nevere really stopped) and on a trip back from Salt Lake I wrote a script (one that I need to complete).

I am a fan of the Japanese model of not paying the highest paid employee ten times more than the lowest paid employee.

Life is not about falling short of your goals, though it happens all the time. It is about charting a new course if you do fall short, a course that still gets you where you want to be.

"Life is not about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself." (anon)

I am also a big fan of the belief that happiness is not a destination, but rather a vehicle you ride in as you go along.

I digress.

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