Live 8 � The Long Walk to Justice

Live 8 � The Long Walk to Justice

Deb and I went to a U2 concert and Bono was talking about this 'One' campaign that he had been working on.

He has been calling for years for debt relief for Africa and the poorest countries of the world.

I have always agreed with him.

I do not see the logic in giving vast sums of money to a corrupt or poorly run system, then when things go terribly wrong from theft or mismanagement, we straddle the poorest of the poor to pay of a debt to the world banks.

We also have constrictive trade with these countries as well, keeping them from growing a self sustaining economy.

These countries have next to nothing.

Children live on the street.

To quote Bono, "Around the world 30,000 people are still dying of extreme stupid poverty everyday. . . This means someone dying every three seconds."

SO what are we gonna do about it?

Well, the 'One' campaign is not asking for your money.

They want your voice.

They simply want you to sign a pledge asking the G8 to forgive the debt for the poorest countries, and to improve the methods of aid we give to these countries.

Bob Geldof (boomtown rats) has a passionate speech in the 'Watch This' section.

You can give money if you want to. I know Deb and I are planning a donation.

Also we are going to order the white wristband (let us know if you want some too) for the cause.

But at the very least, lend your voice to this cause.

And if this isn't the easiest activism you've ever done, then you've never done activism.


Scott Lindsley

PS: Pink Floyd is getting back together for this event.


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