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Last night I took a drag from Mark Everett's (a.k.a. "E" from the Eels) cigar. He passed it around during the special encore for die hard fans that had stuck around.

I laughed when, after the second encore had finished and the house lights came on and the 'riff raff' had left the building and a guy had come to the main mic and said "The Eels have left the building", the die hard fans that walked downstream against the Moore's upward departure rows.

See, once the major chunk of people had left, The Eels stuck to their odd promise and walked onstage in casual clothes and pajamas (unlike the suit and dress they started off in).

It was hard to not appreciate the night of entertainment that those mighty seven people onstage dropped at the drop of a hat.

I would describe the night as clever, sardonic, funny and endearing.

My pal Matt Buck was excited to get the call to work the show behind the scenes, and I was glad he called and put me on the guest list. I drove around for about twenty minutes looking for a spot while dreading the possibility of being late to a concert.

Just as I circled the block, a truck pulled out of the front and center spot kitty corner to the Moore theatre where the Eels were planning to unwind in mere moments.

I entered the theatre and grabbed a snickers bar from the concession stand and entered the doorway to the seating area.

Buck was standing right there to my left. I embraced him and thanked him for the show. He said, "take a seat, your timing is great the film is just about to begin."

As I sat four seats away from the soundboard the lights went down and the preview of the film about the Eels came on and I had to laugh at the way this modern music man was treated in interviews.

From idiotic questions to bizarre antics, it was hard to contain a laugh while watching.

Then, the show.

Twas' brilliant, soft, folksie rockish, symphonic, and well crafted.

Thanks Buck, Deb, and you wascally Eels for a great night.



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