So this is the new year

May your resolutions be light, so you may carry them throughout the year.

I quit smoking years ago, I don't really drink, I am a pretty 'clean and sober' guy.

But I do want to make my life better, so what do I do.

I have already pledged to work on growing the awareness of the Libertarian philosophy and party. I have already vowed to continue to study the vast and wondrous books and issues that are out there in the world.

I have a brilliant circle of friends and family that keep me happy and motivated so what can I do to improve my life.

As they said at the round table, 'adapt, adopt, and improve.'

Best wishes to you on your journey,




You are well on your way as one of earth's agents, doing good things for all. I wish you the best success in all your endeavors.


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