Home Page of The November Coalition

Home Page of The November Coalition

The Drug war has been stepping on the lives people for a few decades now.

The November Coalition is attempting to show how this has been affecting women as well as men.

The evidence is here at www.November.org and it comes down to more than just statistics.

In our lives, we must also look at the people affected by our laws and by the power that our government has and does NOT have.

You can not grant any powers to the government that you do not already have.

if your neighbour chooses to be gay or smoke marijuana cigarettes or do anything that does not violate you or your property, it is none of your business.

If they are too loud, or are polluting, or abusing people or children then you DO have the power and right to stop them. That includes installing a governmental system to stop them.

It is a very simple point that was designed to maintain the peace and keep neighbour's being neighbourly.

This is one of the power points of Liberty.

Freedom and responsibility go hand in hand. Only when corporations or govt. Authorities are given exemptions from the law do we see such things as pollution (The American government is the largest polluter on the face of the Earth. Why should they be exempt from environmental responsibility?) and corporate greed to the point of abusing employees contracts and having broad tax exemptions.

We must continue to grow the voices of Liberty and to affect change in America through learning and democratic choice.

Can we honestly look at the American system of government and say, 'it's not working, let's throw more money at it!!!'?

I can't.

Happy New Year,



S said…
The reason why libertarian votes in Washington gubernatorial election are not the subject of attention (unlike Green Party votes in 2000 Florida) is because it's hard to say with certainty whether they "would have" voted for either party. People are reasonably sure that those who voted for Nadar, had they known the closeness of the election, would have generally voted for Gore (who was, among other things, the more environment-conscious candidate). For Libertarians, it's harder to tell, because both parties support social regulations, albeit different kinds. Democrats favor social equality through regulations such as minimum wage and progressive taxation. Republicans are crusaders in War Against Drugs and they push religious laws (like anti-gay marriage). So I don't think one can say for sure whether libertarians would have favored one party or the other. If given a choice, which party would you favor? And can you say that to other libertarians in general?
Scott said…
It is true that is hard to determine what statistics are defecting from the red or blue party, What IS newsworthy is that so many did so.

If a few hundred did so, it might be of little signifigance, if a couple thousand did, same story.

63,000 people saying we are fed up with the dems and the repubs IS a signifigant number.

Of course we can not poll these numbers and ask why they choose Liberty over the other options, but it should not be downplayed for such ambiguity as reason for choice.

Perhaps all these come down to opinion.

Of course I'm biased for the Libertarians.

For a spell, more than three fourths of the mdia voted Democrat. IS their bias important?

But the closest race in statewide history was not decided on a level scale of dem vs repub.

It was decided on a three way race with an alternate party showing quite well that people are fed up with the status quo of bipartisanship.

You may be right,
I may be crazy,

But there are news stories of such trivial nature that a nod to the power of choice would be of much greater relevance in todays news.

And that's my humble opinion.


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