Special Guest on KTKK, Penny Wright.

Today I am interviewing Penny Wright whose book, "No Use for a Name" is for sale on Amazon and a few other online web sites. We will be talking about her writing and her choice of taking her book to the online world of Amazon Kindle.

Thanks for listening.

Oh, speaking of which, you can stream the show live on www.k-talk.com




Anonymous said…
Hey Scott,
I listened to your show with Penny Wright, and I was hoping to connect with one of your callers with regard to filling the role of 'sounding board'. I understand the dilemma of hitting the wall while writing the novel and am able to help out. Dennis, I am here for you, buddy!
Anonymous said…
Hope this worked. This is Dennis from the show. Once again here is a cell number. 801-783-6681

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