Salt Lake City

After a decade in Seattle we are moving to Salt Lake. There are some personal reasons I won't go into here, but we essentially wish to be close to family and to the nature we group up surrounded by.

I do not know when and if we shall return to Seattle, but it has always had my love since I visited my Uncle Frank in 1976 on Queen Anne Hill. I was 5 and was stunned by the water and the layout of the city.

Liam was almost born in our place out on Alki. V was born in our place on Roosevelt and these kids will now get to have a close relationship with cousins, uncles, aunts, and grandparents.

If you have the desire to chat, just reply here and I will find a way to contact you.

Best wishes to all,

The Lindsley Family


Terry Parkhurst said…
Seattle seems to be a city with decreasing opportunities; so in that sense, and along with you and your family being closer to the elders of your family, can understand why you're leaving. Of course, we'll - the Libertarians and others you know - miss you. Hope you can come back sometime, if only for a visit. Just don't make it at wintertime, because my hunch is the city government will never figure out how to deal with snow on the streets. - Terry Parkhurst and Sunny los grande gatos
Curious William said…
It will be good to have you back in what some call "Zion." Never could figure that out... But it will be good to have you back.

Earl A.
Amy Veldhouse said…
YAY!!!! YIPPIE!!! Im so excited you guys are moving to Salt Lake! Now I will get to spoil my niece and nephew! And plus, to find out that you will be living 5 minutes from my house!!!!!!! call us for a BBQ when all of you are unpacked and settled in. I also have a couple of boxes of clothes for Liam.
Erik, Amy and Connor Veldhouse

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