News From L.A. "Libertarian in the debate might stifle Obama and Mccain getting message out"

The CBS news channel for L.A. has reported on an very important ruling,

"U.S. District Judge David O. Carter refused to issue an order on behalf
of Barr and Wayne Root, his vice presidential running mate, that would
disrupt the Civil Forum on Leadership and Compassion scheduled to begin
Saturday at 5 p.m. at Saddleback Church.

"Plaintiffs will lose
out on a fair amount of exposure and the opportunity to express their
views in a popular forum," Carter conceded. "On the other hand, halting
this event would deny the other candidates the opportunity to be heard
and would deprive the public of an opportunity to see the candidates
and hear their views."

I agree that halting the event would not be a grand idea, but are we missing something here?

Yeah, Obama and Mccain are constantly on EVERY news channel almost every hour of every day. In fact, I would wager that there will not be a single nanosecond of time where the Obama/Mccain coverage is not on the television somewhere (forget internet saturation).

By the way, look at how the news is covering the election.

CNN had the audacity to call Obama's clean bill of health after his visit to his doctor "BREAKING NEWS!!!".

Mcain has fuzzy understandings of economics and foreign policy that rival Reagans "I do not recall" era. But Mccain keeps plowing through instead of pleading the 5th (or is it the 1st?).

There is only a lack of coverage of the third party ideas.

There is only a lack of coverage of minor party ideas.

There is a glut of coverage of everything from the trivial to the mundane in the Obama and Mccain parade.

I stand here to use my spot in the media (nice view from the outskirts here, huh?) to declare that if a candidate is on enough ballots to win the election they ought to be in the debate.

Should it be law? Fair access to media?

Not in my opinion.

This ignoring of ideas and candidates lets me know the nature of the news channels that avoid the dissenting voice.

Dissent away,



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