things as they aught to be

We had a blast at Tara's Birthday party. We are crazy busy with work and school, but I am writing some new songs and I have ideas for a new film.

I am excited about Deb's classes too.

Oh gee, the campaign is getting a huge boost by his getting into the debates.

I am eager to see my friend of many years speak shared ideas about the way things can be. Marriage equality, peace, liberty, keeping our promise to the poor and the elederly, are but a few of the reasons this socially tolerant and fiscally responsible bloke would make a great Senator.

Also, his platform does not exist to get him into office. It has been the same for years and he has no intention of changing it a month before the election just to get elected.

That's called integrity.

He's got my vote hands down.

keep up the struggle for peace, freedom, and hope,

Scott~ Posted by Picasa


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