Weekend Worrier Would Win Washington Web Worry

Holy Cow,


A large number of people came out to the Guthrie for Senate HQ debut, and it appears that in this one night we raised almost as much as any Washington Libertarian has raised for their whole campaign. This was even despite the glitch on this blog for explorer users (firefox users did not show the same errors for some reason http://www.firefox.com/ ~?)

Today Bruce spoke at Hempfest and he shook as many hands as he could at the booth we had set up (#545 for those coming out Sunday to help out).

I'd love to see more people get involved, but I'd be happy to just have more conversations about how we can make things better.

How can we break down the conversational taboo that keeps us thinking we know it all and that our answer/solution/vote is the best? I guess it is not easy to offer up your ideas for critiques from friends, much less strangers. But look at where we are going as a nation. Communication is one of the crucial things that helps solve problems, and don't look now but we got a lot of them.

I am working for what I believe in, which is the idea of respecting each persons right to self determination.

We have one more day of Hempfest and then we are off to the races. Call me, e-mail me, comment, or just talk amongst yourselves but for the love of Pete TALK!!!~~~

Best wishes,


pbs, the National LP has redone its website www.lp.org


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