You'll Never Guess

I took a second sick day as Deb amd Liam and I have been fighting of a battle with the flu (or some very close relative thereof).

In the morning I got a confirmation that I got the new job and then in the mail came the confirmation of Liam's acceptance into the school we were hoping for.

SO two greeeeeat events in the course of one day off of work.

Usually all I can muster is to clean up around the desk on a sick day. Now I am ready for the next page to turn.

More details to come. . .


Christian said…
YAAY! Congratulations on both counts! Suzy and I are happy for you! You'll have to fill us in where you and Liam are going and all that. (We have become ghost-like apparitions on the perimeter.)
AAM said…
shellswick said…
YAY!! Since he is in school now, perhaps he needs a sister????

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