I just was moved from the service department to the parts department. More mula verde and set Monday through Friday hours (no more Saturdays and odd weekday shifts).

I shall be prepping for the spring with the new job, new songs for the band, and a new method of putting my scripts and other writing ideas down on paper.

We are doing a cookbook for the King County Libertarian Party that should be coming out for the next state convention (which will be amazing BTW). Please view the details at for the event.

Liam has the chance to get into school here in the next little while, and I am also excited about that. My four year old starting school has been a high energy task in the household as of late.

I am reading 'Kite Runner' about a kid growing up in Iraq. and I will let you know what I think of it when I think of it.

Best wishes and keep your eyes on the prize and your laws off my body.

Thanks for every brilliant thing you do,


Richmond said…
more money and reliable hours...the am'rican dream, doncha know.
shellswick said…

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