Free Bee?

How many of the things in your life, that have value, did you have to work for?

How many things were given to you because you are a respected member of a family, or a dearly loved one?

How many precious things would you give away out of love or respect?

What about your time?

Is that precious?

How often can you take ten minutes out of your day to talk to a friend? Study something OTHER than the daily news? Speak to someone about a good philosophy or politic?

Are there too many questions in this post?


Anonymous said…
You've been spammed! How freakin' annoying.
Scott said…
I deleted the offending post and bought some dramapophil.

Er whatever it was.

It makes me woozy and forgetful.

And I have a strange urge to give out my passwords on the net.

Um, here's one for

my password is goopy44

And my social insecurity number is.

ummm. . . (snoooring)

{timed out response,

please check back in a week}

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