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I actually was quite impressed with much of this blogs take on why Libertarians fail to attract money and votes in elections. But I also liked how this site offers far more than just critical points but offers way for Libertarians to actually LEARN to run camapigns and raise money and support as a long term goal not just an, "I'm pissed so I'll run for office" type of environment that is suggested and it makes perfect sense.

Of course, people would be best served if they voted for the person and not the party (just look at the rights being eaten away by the dems and repubs today). Libertarians and a few of the other indie parties offer candidates that are not hooked to special interest. Interested that conflict with the rights of we the people.

Want a better system? Work for change,
Sounds so high school, but the fact remains.
When good people do nothing, the bad people do it all.

We get the government we deserve,


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