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Utah's Ready. . .

Utah is ready for a separation of Church, State, and Medicine Cabinet. One of the most important roles that the government can take, is protecting against theft, fraud, and abuse. Just as we have the right to defend ourselves against harm, we can give the state, by extension, the ability to protect us against harm as well. However, we do not have the power to constrict the choices that others make for themselves. Since we do not have that intrusive power, we can not miracle that power through democratic whims. Demanding the government assume misguided, unconstitutional branches of political power, despite how unpopular an activity may be. Furthermore, there is nothing that should stand in the way of medical advancements, including research into the best practices for the use of medication. But the reality is that families who choose to use medications for which research has been severely restricted by regulations, must still have the freedom to try experimental medicines at t

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