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relax for a minute

Some crazy funny stuff



SNL- Iran So Far Away

Exploding Piggy Bank

Wanted: 2+ Bedroom for less than my soul

kids make the darndest things

And Now. . .

A Star is Born!!!

Alki Beach, calm, cool, collected.

Alki with Fam

Sailor moon ~ Abandonvehicle

#7 ~ Abandonvehicle

The End ~ Abandonvehicle

Flight of the Conchords!!!

Taxation With Misrepresentation

It Takes America to Bomb a Village

Miyazaki san

HeLLOO Chieftain

News slip: Blind man is gay

How to piss off Scott

I'm Giving Her All I Got Captain!!!

I made it to Time Magazine


A dangerous decision ~ WOMAD

The MOST amazing nature footage!!!

. . . and then we created the museum. . .

inherited brilliance

Debating Debate Policy for PC TV You See?!!?

Standing up to an elephants ass!!!

IT'S A GIRRRRRRRL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bomb, Repeat, Bomb

The Wind Made Me Do It!!!!!

Ron Paul (R)

a couple bucks is all I ask - ~~~

Love Birds???

Photo finish

Thou Shalt Always. . .

Welcome in America, well, not really. Trippin at the Canadian Border

"Remember, you live in this country, too."

Kexp Faces New Challenge -e-mail-

Floater - Apology

cure for cancer will drive young girls into nymphos!!!

libertarian itunes give away!!!

Where I'm From. . .

mapping visits

Children of Men

pro peace, pro war vote record

Amen - (short piece about how we live)

Bush said what???


Kooky? Yes! A Little Bit Paranoid? Yes! Accurate Critique? Quite a Bit, Yes!

St. Patricks Day in Seattle

Oh, Lord - Gingrich had affair during Clinton probe - Yahoo! News

YouTube - Star Wars Parody

Afghan, U.S. reports on firefight differ - Yahoo! News

A Video from Floater (coming in April BTW)

. . . and then there was the Marriageof the Black Sheep

. . . and an old video of Floater~

Foundation Shaken, Not Stirred

Patty Murray (D) Washington gets a talking to at a public meeting

kiss kiss

Hey American Car Makers!!!

Top Gear Attacked by Rednecks

Arcade Fire ‘Wake Up’

Breaking News!

Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/25/2007 | Spelling ace wants a turn; the school's answer is N-O

Dear God > News > Military -- Marine asks to withdraw guilty plea in Hamdaniya case

BSG 3 gag reel. (contains spoilers!!!)

New LPWA Office

Federal agent penetrated Hells Angels, fears for his life -

Why We Fight

An Only Bird Is An Only Bird - PetStation

MyFox WGHP | War of Words Escalates at Guilford College

And then was this in the PI!!!

Louise Richardson- "What Terrorists Want"

Daring rescue of whale off Farallones / Humpback nuzzled her saviors in thanks after they untangled her from crab lines, diver says

Moving Horses

Um. . . I think that's a . yep

Put off reading this until tax time: Americans procrastinate -

Trooper killed during traffic stop; 2 later arrested -

interesting blog and music reviews

Happy New Year Liam!!!

Don't point at wierd people