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Okay, I'm finding a lot of my writing to post up here, so why don't I just post them here on this one post instead of fifty little ones? (grammar check?)

- 'The things we get for others, we also get for ourselves.'

- 'Eat the rich! But remember, you are what you eat, so soon they'll be consuming you.'

- Scene 187 int. AA meeting. Ted is finally opening up to the others in the group. His Irish accent stronger and cleaner now than the slurry one he displayed at the bar.

Ted McClure
'I always thought I was showing everyone
how tough I was by how much I could drink,
now I'm resolving to show you how tough I am
by how much I don't drink'

- 'Negativity only rewards itself.' / or / 'Negative and positive return their like for like impulse.'

- 'Just because I don't tell you I love you all the time, does not mean I don't love you all the time.'

- 'Your assumptions about your fellow man are wrong, of course I could be wrong about that.'

- 'You can represent me and I can represent you so long as we reserve the right to take anything back.'


More to come!


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