Discourse and Dissent

The election year has passed, the debates all but forgotten.

All said the alternative party candidates and supporters received a small single digit percentage of the news coverage (I guess they were just not exciting enough) and they were excluded from the debates. (unless you want to do the search on www.c-span.org and watch the debates that invited all the candidates)

So what was this message/idea they felt so strongly about that kept them from smugly voting for a democrat or republican?

Perhaps the idea that the current gigantic (dare we say Titanic) system we have succeeds in being the largest in all it does. By largest I do not mean best.

It is the largest polluter on the Earth, and yet it is charged with the task of preventing pollution.

Some claim it is guilty of violating countless individual rights, from who you may marry and what you do with other consenting adults to taking roughly a third of your income to fund it's bloating self.

I no longer am content to vote for the two party system and HOPE that the candidate that makes it through the primary will actually represent me. Because I don't want to keep looking for the answer from the government. Each solution seems to bring Pandora's Box back to life.

I have been asked to work within the two party system if I really want a change.

I can not do this.

I disagree with a two party system PERIOD!!!

It does no good to channel the will of a nation into the hands of one representative who does not understand that his/her power is LIMITED.

They do not have a miracle in the DC area to exert force on the lives of those outside the power house state.

To be a representative does not give power of KING to the elected, yet each election more and more people look to the government to solve the problems society seems to keep finding.

Poverty, How much better off would most be if one third of their money did not go to the system but instead into their own pockets?

Crime, How much of crime is based off of poverty? AND why is something a crime just because it is an unpopular act? If you have violated noone else, why should tax dollars be wasted on keeping you in jail?

Tax dollars should not be wasted on consenting adults.

Who keeps thinking that it should? Not me, and not the parties of choice and Liberty.

Look, you are free to think what you want, to vote or not vote for the person you choose. But for goodness sake, let's start talking with the dissenters about what caused their grief.

Let's display some intellectual stamina and investigate these 'alternative' parties (and talk about questions you may have).

And next time election year comes up, ask ALL the candidates the tough questions. Ask the news media the tough questions. Ask yourself the tough questions.

Do this till you are satisfied with the answers.

and for heavens sake, communicate.

I'm ready for you,

Scott Lindsley


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