Vote This

The time has come in Washington State to vote for a few positions.

I know the fight is big between left and right, tax and hold, progress and regress.

My only caution is this, It is clear we have billions of dollars, just in King County, to deal with. Let's be SURE that we are spending that wisely if not efficiently, then we will be on a better path than we are on right now.

I'm not being hyper critical, but it is clear we are dealing with large sums of money and a portion of that money goes to pet projects and foolish laws (like the 28% of Washington state inmates in jail for non-violent drug possessions).

Remember to vote for people that don't want a blank check from you to run the system that is supposed to protect your rights, not forget them on a path to unlimited centralized bureaucracy.

The sky is not falling folks. But the respect for your freedom to choose is. The protection of life, liberty, and property has turned into a struggle between corrupt corporations allowed to pollute and cheat people they are in contract with and an ever expanding government that MUST as some point cross the line that it was designed to stay within.

Oh wait, it crossed that line years ago.

Anyway, if we don't talk about it and communicate, we are probably going to respond and vote by how we react to the news channels we choose.

AND more people get their news from polarized channels than from any other source.

In pursuit of Liberty,



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